Pavo Horse grass seed

The horse pasture needs strong grasses that can withstand trampling and the way horses graze. Horses graze the plant much shorter than cows. Pavo grass seed gives a dense sod and contains healthy herbs with a lot of structure, making it ideal for horse pa

Pavo FieldCare

If a horse pasture is not fertilized, the quality of the turf slowly decreases. A pasture can therefore slowly change into a field with weeds. Good maintenance fertilization is part of a healthy horse pasture. Pavo FieldCare has been specially developed f

Pavo BiotinForte, 3 kg

Healthy horn growth comes from within. Support your horse with Pavo BiotinForte!

Pavo Weight measuring tape

Do you want to measure the weight of your horse? Then use this special weight measuring tape!

Pavo HealthBoost, 8 kg

The powerful boost for every horse!

Pavo BasicPlus

Pavo BasicPlus is a basic pellet in 5mm diameter with a very favorable price-quality ratio.

Pavo Bucket

Note: the lid is not included and can be ordered separately.

Pavo Cerevit

Pavo Cerevit is a complete, oat-free basic muesli and suitable for all types of horses and ponies that perform light work.

Pavo Bucket - Lid

This flexible lid is specially made to close the popular Pavo bucket. Note: the Pavo bucket is not included and can be ordered separately.

Pavo Care4Life

Pavo Care4Life contains everything we can think of from a nutritional point of view to support your horse in its health.

Pavo Healthy Treats

Pavo Healthy Treats are available in 5 different flavors: apple, carrot, beetroot, linseed and nettle.

Key features
Healthy reward for every horse
100% natural ingredients
No artificial additives
Grain-free, low sugar / starch content
5 different

Pavo SlobberMash 6kg

Pavo SlobberMash is a complete concentrate that you can prepare quickly and easily with warm water. The high proportion of pure linseed gives your horse a brilliant shine. It supports good bowel function and healthy digestion.

Key features
Complete co

Pavo Podo®Care

In the first months of life, a foal needs a lot of nutrients for healthy bone development. But it is extremely important that these are available in the correct relationship.

Pavo MuscleCare, 3 kg

Horses that are predisposed to muscle acidification or even laminitis can benefit from adding nutrients to the ration, which accelerate the breakdown and removal of waste products from the cells. The supplement with the supplement Pavo MuscleCare may then


Quality, Health, Passion

That's what Pavo stands for.

Quality because Pavo stands for the best quality raw materials and products, but also because they stand for quality advice and understanding of nutrition.

Health because Pavo believes that its job is to contribute to the health of all horses.

Passion because Pavo has a passion for horses and nutrition.

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