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Do you want to measure the weight of your horse? Then use this special weight measuring tape! Read more


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Do you want to measure the weight of your horse? Then use this special weight measuring tape! It is not only nice to know how heavy your horse is, but it is especially important when drawing up the feed ration, dosing medication and if you want to keep track of the condition of your horse.

The tape measure can also help you determine the starting weight if you want to let your horse lose weight and then track progress. This is difficult to determine with the naked eye. This Pavo weight measuring tape has both centimeters and kilograms and is suitable for any type of horse or pony, from a shetland to a draft horse.

It is packed in a protective box with an instruction booklet.

This is how you use the measuring tape on your horse:

Step 1: The simple, but less accurate, way is to put the measuring tape around your horse like a girth behind the withers and read the weight.

Step 2: We always recommend the extended way, where you calculate both the waist circumference and length of your horse in centimeters. Then you calculate the weight accurately by putting these two numbers in a calculation formula.

Step 3: Measure belly circumference: make sure your horse is square, so that the weight is evenly distributed over all legs, and that your horse is facing forward. Then place the measuring tape just behind the withers and put it on like a girth. Gently pull the ribbon so that it is tight but your horse is not constricted and its skin wrinkles. Now read the centimeters: this is the waist circumference.

Step 4: Measure the length of the horse: then you measure the length of the horse. This runs from the tip of the shoulder to the ischial bump just below the tail. Try to keep the ribbon as straight as possible and read the centimeters.

Step 5 Calculation: now make the following calculation: belly circumference (cm) x belly circumference (cm) x length (cm): 11,877.

Tip: take the measurement using the formula three times and take the average of the results. This is the most reliable!

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