Pavo FieldCare

If a horse pasture is not fertilized, the quality of the turf slowly decreases. A pasture can therefore slowly change into a field with weeds. Good maintenance fertilization is part of a healthy horse pasture. Pavo FieldCare has been specially developed f

Harry's Horse Slow feeder

This strong hay net is a "slow feeder". Due to the fine mesh system (3cm * 3cm) the speed of the roughage intake is slowed down and the foraging time is extended.
Because the hay net is fine-meshed, this saves up to 30% feed. With 2 loops for attachment.

Pavo Horse grass seed

The horse pasture needs strong grasses that can withstand trampling and the way horses graze. Horses graze the plant much shorter than cows. Pavo grass seed gives a dense sod and contains healthy herbs with a lot of structure, making it ideal for horse pa

Pavo Weight measuring tape

Do you want to measure the weight of your horse? Then use this special weight measuring tape!

Pavo Bucket

Note: the lid is not included and can be ordered separately.

NAF Crib Stop Spray

This unpleasant tasting water repellent spray is very unpleasant for your horse when it bites wood and other hard surfaces.

Pavo Bucket - Lid

This flexible lid is specially made to close the popular Pavo bucket. Note: the Pavo bucket is not included and can be ordered separately.

Harry's Horse Riding arena letters (12 pieces) + numbers

Riding arena letters on a black metal stand: A, K, F, B, C, E, M, H, V, S, R, P. Loose stickers (obviously to stick over the letters or on the back of the stand) : 1 to 12 (for eg show jumping course).

Harry's Horse Riding arena signs, V,S,R,P

White PVC 1.5MM
237*200MM rounded corners.
V, S, R, P.

Harry's Horse Riding arena signs A,F,B,M,C,H,E,K

White PVC 1.5MM
237*200MM rounded corners.
A, F, B, M, C, H, E, K.

Excellent Horse Lick Himalaya

The ideal salt source to provide horses with their need for salt and fun

Hay Slowfeeder fun and flex

Feed hay slowly and combat boredom.

Fill this ball with hay and if necessary add something extra (such as vegetables or herbs) to keep your horse busy for hours. The flexible ball consists entirely of natural rubber and is easy to fill and clean.


Excellent Horse Sweet Lick Holder

Ideal for entertainment in the stable, perfect to hang in the stable

HB Ruitersport Elastics Trailer -Stable chains

Extra Thick elastic Trailer and stable chains. With a special extra heavy carabiner on 1 side
and a panic hook on the other side.

€14,21 €18,95
Horka Trailer Elastic with panic hook

Elastic short trailer cord with sturdy clip and panic hook, finished with nylon strap.
Practical and safe when used for securing the horse in the trailer.

56.5 cm excl.
75cm incl

€13,46 €17,95
Horka Lanyard with panic hook

This polyester lashing line is covered with clear PVC to reduce wear and has a spring hook and panic hook.

Total Length (excluding hooks): 76cm.
Total Length (incl. Hooks): 90 cm.

€14,96 €19,95
NAF No Bite Spray

This unpleasant tasting spray will teach your horse to stay away from blankets and bandages.

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