Pavo SpeediBeet

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Pavo SpeediBeet is a high-quality roughage that supports intestinal health. It is made from sugar beet pulp flakes and does not contain any additives, including molasses. Read more
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Out of stock, but available
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About Pavo SpeediBeet

Pavo SpeediBeet is a high-quality roughage that supports intestinal health. It is made from de-sugared beet pulp flakes and contains no additives, so no molasses. The flakes are processed through a patented heating process. This allows the product to be soaked quickly - for 10 minutes - in hot and cold water. Tasty, handy and healthy for all horses

Pavo SpeediBeet contains no starch and has a sugar content of only 5%. This makes it an ideal feed for horses that are sensitive to sugar.

Pavo SpeediBeet contains a lot of pectin, a soluble fiber that is even more digestible than the fibers in roughage. This makes this beet pulp a fantastic source of slow-release energy and perfect for competition horses. Pectin has a prebiotic effect, which means that the fibers support the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines.

Pavo SpeediBeet falls under the roughage category and contains no added vitamins and minerals. If you only feed Pavo SpeediBeet in addition to your other roughage, then it is recommended to supplement with vitamins and minerals, for example with Pavo SummerFit biscuits or Pavo Vital chunks.

Note: Pavo SpeediBeet can only be fed in a soaked form. So make sure you keep it safe and that breaking horses cannot reach it.

Feeding tip

Because Pavo SpeediBeet contains little sugar and no molasses at all, many horses have to get used to the taste. Mix SpeediBeet with your regular concentrate for the first few days, or add a little Pavo SlobberMash to it. You can reduce it after a few days if you wish.

Key features

  • Healthy roughage fibers with prebiotic effect
  • Supports good bowel function
  • Very low in sugar, no molasses


Pavo SpeediBeet fits in the ration of horses with:

  • Sensitivity to sugar
  • Backlog in condition
  • Seniors with difficulty in chewing - partial roughage substitute
  • Sport horses - slow release energy and fluid supply in the intestines
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